Andrea + Ethan Esposito

Lansing, Iowa

Saturday May 20th was a day worth celebrating! Both Ethan and Andrea were surrounded with so much love from so many people. The morning started bright and early for the girls in downtown Lansing at Little Nashville air bnb. From downtown Lansing we traveled to Village Creek Bible Camp, where Andrea and Ethan's love story started it includes when; they first met, fell in love, and were married! When you think it can't get better it does, Ethan's dad married Andrea and Ethan!

When Andrea + Ethan would look at each other you know it truly was two best friends who fell in love with each other. They would burst into pure joy and excitement when I would show them the back of the camera. No one could have asked for a better day.

Andrea + Ethan thank you for welcoming me with open arms as your wedding photographer. I hope you are able to enjoy your wedding day through photos in the many years of marriage to come!!